Maurice "DJ Mo" Norris is also a professional DJ/Emcee of the group.  DJ Mo is honestly the energy that flows through this duo.  He refers to himself as "the party starter" and is also a professional dancer!  

During Event time, DJ Mo can be seen DJ'ing, Emceeing, leading people in organized dances and performing for the guests.  He has a phenomenal personality and a very energetic spirit that draws everyone in the room to him. He DJ lives on the dance floor. He can get any party of any age group moving and grooving!

Michael "DJ Z" Ziamba is the veteran DJ and Emcee of the group.  He also likes to think he is the eye candy of the duo!  Michael has provided DJ Services across Michigan for over 15 years.  Michael's outgoing personality, attention to detail and his willingness to make every event spectacular sets him apart from your average large scale DJ provider. 

This handsome devil will most likely be you immediate contact when booking and planning events. When it comes down to the event date, expect Michael to perform many of the early activities, but he still has some tricks up his sleeves to perform with co-DJ, DJ Mo.

The Show Entertainment is the 1st Michigan based company that performs with dual DJ's at every event.  


Why perform events with two DJ's?  Your event will have 2 DJ's, 2 Emcee's, 2 Personalities, 2 DJ Set-ups, just to name a few of the benefits of multiple DJ's.  

This duo has 2 completely different personalities, backgrounds, DJ styles, but they have this amazing ability to mesh perfect, at any event.  The duo met because of a fellow DJ that introduced them in 2014 and would work for each other from time to time.  One summer, the duo performed together for the 1st time at a large scale event and they knew that their was something special.  This event was hands down the greatest event they had ever performed and within days THE SHOW ENTERTAINMENT was born.  

The Mike n' Mo Show!

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